I made it to Eindhoven, Netherlands. The home of the famous swimming sensations Pieter van den Hoogenband, Inge de Bruijn, and current champion Ranomi Kromowidjojo.
The first world cup series of the blocks starts tomorrow at the Pieter van den Hoogenband swimming center. This is by far the best swimming complex I ever had the privilege of participating in.  Not only does it have a magnificent 50meter pool than can be cut down for 25short course meets, but it has an additional 4 lane 50 training pool, 25meter diving well,  also an outside wonderland filled with slides, water squiters and fountains.


If you think that’s it, I actually am just getting warmed up. Inside on the other ‘wing’ are indoor pools for teaching or recreational swimming,  followed by another indoor water ‘jungle’ gym type play area for kids and adjacent to that animals that spurt water, slides and climbing and jumping areas for toddlers.
Now, meet starts tomorrow in this amazing pool with THE BEST ATHLETE BANNER/BACKDROP I have ever seen.


        (Pic of Ranomi Kromowidjojo)

With these amazing things around me, I can’t help but be amazing as well. 😀

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