The end of the 2nd cluster is here. After a hard transition from training to competiting, Russia was about an average performance. Thank goodness, that with time, my body self tapered and  I was able to go two best times in Dubai and score major performance points. On the last leg of the cluster, I made a surprising switch and swam 200 I.M. and placed 3rd. Unfortunately I did not make the 100I.M. which I had won previously in Dubai, but I was told  that ‘that’s life’ so I have to move on.  In the end I placed third for this cluster which was a huge jump from the first cluster in which I placed sixth (tied for 6th, but the another swimmer had higher performance points so she won the tie)

So overall not a bad second leg. I am excited for the third and last cluster; Asian cluster.

Today since we have a late flight my coach and I went driving down sand dunes in a land rover.


(Always have to practice starts. Take your mark…)

Question of the day….What do the drivers do, so that the cars do not get stuck in the sand?

Let me know when you have the answer.

Until we meet again

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