The teams have all arrived in Doha, Qatar and the place is filled with friendly greetings, unrequitted hope,  ruthless drive and against all odds, an indisputable desire to win. A coach once told me that’s its alright to feel like a race is the most important thing in the world.  He said its downright neccessary, however as soon as your hand touches that wall and you come out of the pool, there should be more to you, as a person, than the sport you play. Does that contradict the saying, that “in order to win, you should imagine so months and years im advance.” Maybe, but in order to have longevity in the sport I believe it is the single most important thing to believe in order to push foward. So as the meet starts tomorrow, we will be diving in with aggressive tendancies, reaching and hoping for new heights amd watching as our flag, hopefully soars high.
Until we meet again

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