Do we give up on our dreams, or do they just fade away with time?  Picture a small girl running into practice to be the first one in the water, or a young boy, watching his idol/mentor  and saying ‘one day I will defeat you’. When we grow up, where does that vivacity go?  As young swimmers we didn’t say I want to be great, we said I’m going to be great; and that’s what makes the greatest difference.  When we are in a pinch, or afraid of the outcome. When we are physically ready, but not mentally prepared. When we are so nervous, that we are afraid the person beside us will hear our rapid beating heart. These are the times to stay calm, take a deep breath and remember, you passion and dedication is still within you. Don’t give up. Never surrender, and always, always give it your all.

“Don’t give up”  by Eagle Cherry:

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