Sagicor Sigma Run2015

We are gathered here today to join in the launch of Sagicor Sigma Run. This year the funds from the run will be donated to the neo–natal unit of the Cornwall Regional Hospital and Jamaica Kidney Kids foundation.

Definition of neo-natal is a neonate aka newborn; during the first 4 weeks of a child’s life, represents a time when changes are very rapid, and many critical events can occur. Most congenital defects (defects present from birth) are discovered. Genetic abnormalities may show up and other medical conditions become apparent in the neonatal period as they begin to have effects on the baby.

The Cornwall Regional Hospital in Montego Bay is one of the primary multidisciplinary Hospitals in Jamaica. The hospital serves most of the western end of the island, as Jamaicans from Hanover, Westmoreland, St James, Trelawney and even St Elizabeth have to rely on this institution for health care.

Cornwall Regional Hospital’s mission statement is “to play a leading role in the provision of world class accessible health services to clients in a caring and friendly environment through teamwork and dedication.”  A dedicated and passionate team of doctors and nurses need our help. They need equipment to save lives.

The Jamaica Kidney Kids foundation (JKKF), as stated by the Observer, “Each year, about six new children develop chronic kidney failure in Jamaica. An estimated 40 children are currently living with chronic kidney disease and the Jamaica Kidney Kids Foundation is dedicated to ensuring their care.”

Dr Miller, founder of the non-profit organisation, said “She said that a dialysis unit dedicated only to children is needed urgently. Without dialysis, children whose kidneys fail will die!”  They are a dedicated and passionate team of doctor’s and nurses that also need our help. They need equipment to save lives.

Supporting the Sagicor Sigma Run is much more than just making a donation. It’s about actively helping to make a difference in the life of our fellow Jamaicans; some may say that what you give is what you get back in life. It may or may not be true, but what is undeniable is the face of a neo-natal baby you can help to save. A child in jeopardy is asking for your help; laying there waiting for medical aid, waiting for a chance to live, to feel the sun, feel the wind on their faces and be heartened by the majestic mountains we sometimes take for granted.

The staging of the Sagicor Sigma Run is about helping our babies to have a chance. In 2012, I had a swim off at the Olympics to get into the finals. Now many emotions ran through my head, but one thought constantly resonated over the others; I still have a chance. My future in swimming doesn’t have to end here, for as long as you have a lane you have a chance.

As long as Cornwall Regional Hospital and the JKKF have donors, sponsors, and participants like you, these children still have a chance.

Please spread the word and register today to not only donate money but to literally, not metaphorically, but literally help save lives.

Give these babies a chance to smile

Give them a chance to live

Help give them a chance to fight for their life.

Save our children and Save our future.

For more information and to donate please visit the site below:

2015 Sagicor Sigma Corporate Run

Thank you

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