The time has come. Commonwealth Games will begin shortly.!!!! The Jamaican squad is gearing up to go to Corby for our training trip to get customed to the weather,  time difference and wonderful English food. I wonder how it will differ from Scottish food. Anyway I am excited to not only bask in the deliciousness of everything Scotland has to offer but also to swim!!!! Commonwealth Games will have a variety of events, that will keep any family entertained if they decide to venture into an arena.
With my Speedo gear on, I am boarding the flight to Corby, our first stop, where we will meet up with friends Lloyd Baines and family.  We had such a wonderful time two years ago before Olympics that we just had to come back. The Corby international pool is filled with lots of memories including the WATER SLIDE!!!! Corby as well, is filled with memories.  We visited Althrop and meet Lord Spencer. (Lady Diana’s brother) and visited the country side and local taverns. How will we top that….wait and see. 😀


Photo is the Soflo kids that are attending the training trip as well.

Until we meet again

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