I didn’t realize how simple life could be until I let go of the harness.  I thought I had to be in control, because let’s face it, I liked it that way, things got done. But as I matured, I started to realize that maybe it was for a different reason. It may have started out that way, but with all the obstacles in life being thrusted at me on a daily basis, controlling my environment was the only thing that was stable. That’s the funny part, because no one can truly control their life, and it was exhausting trying to. Although the alternative was not knowing what’s around the corner, or where this path might lead was unsettling.

Frankly, I was scared to throw the dice in the air; but that’s also the excitment isn’t it. Heart rate increasing, blood pumping and mind wondering with all the possibilities of what could be, for better or for worse.
Its like a puzzle really.


While trying to construct the 1000 piece puzzle above, I really wanted the pieces to fit where I thought they should go. The piece looked like it would fit, same size, same colour scheme, but it just wasn’t a match, no matter how much I wanted it to be. It’s not until another piece slides into the space effortlessly, that I realize no other piece could ever have worked.

We try and fit pieces of our life into spots we think they should go and no matter how hard we try, they will never fit the way it should. So what’s the point. Why fight it? You have a feeling, to go right vs left, so go right. You thought this was the job for you, but it’s just not working out, it doesn’t feel right.  Last example and more commonly felt, you want this relationship to work, but no matter how many times you turn the piece over in the space it just doesn’t fit as it should. So…..take it off the board.

I don’t fight it anymore, life, puzzles, sports, etc. because if a piece doesn’t fit, its not the end, your puzzle won’t be left with a whole in it. The perfect piece is there waiting for you to find it, amongst all the miscellaneous ones.

So I venture into the world throwing my dice in the air, following paths with questionable origins, and watching as the pieces of the puzzle, that is my life,  pop in, pop out and glide into place.

Until we meet again,

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