The final day of competition in Russia ended well. I placed 2nd and 3rd in the 50 breaststroke and 100 individual medley respectively.  Happily I had no mishaps today with the flower toss.
Today was a day of acceptance. No one really feels their age… (minusing the physical breakdown of course). I refer to the fact that I can’t tell someone how they will feel at 15 or 20 or 30. It is soley up to them. There are no age barriers in any sport, but I can only speak on behalf of swimming. 15 to 44 year olds can win big International meets and while they’re at it,  hopefully leave some room for us 20-something- year-olds too. But I have gotten a lot of negative feedback about how much longer I will be in the sport or don’t you think its time to move on?…and to those people I say NYET.   I recently spoke to Dorthea Brandt, fantastic German sprinter who is in her late 20’s. I asked about her experiences and I am grateful for the talk we had. She told me, the age doesn’t matter. She is swimming faster and training different now and its fun. Then she said something that will stick with me for my duration in swimming.
“Retiring is not the same as quiting. If  you’re not done with swimming, then continue till you are content.” That was the jist of it anyway.
On a similar note. After the 50br I spoke with Ruta who said she knew a lovley Jamaican chap in UK. He is 30 and she could link us if I was interested. Now in my head, I’m thinking…’wow does she really think I am that old’ (not saying 30 is old 😛 ). But ‘she probably thinks I am this wise ole lady lightyears older than her.’ Then it hit me like a slap of cold air, frightful at first but quite refreshing afterwards (except for the fact that we are in Russia and my face became dry and brittle & broke into little peices, as it scattered like a puzzle on the ground).  However, after much thought the refreshing aftermath came when I realized that 30 is my dating range. HMMMM I turned into the wise ole lady without even knowing it. Age at its finest.
After the meet I wanted to get a picture with my medals infront of the pool, but this lovely Russian volunteer, changed my mind. I did not see this coming either.


I think this one is better.
Well I am off to Dubai tomorrow bright and early. I will miss the weather because I had a lively, brisk walk to the pool in 40 degree weather with an wind factor. I doubt I can do that in Dubai, which currently has a high of 98 degrees. Vitamins, vitamins, vitamins, major weather change approaching.

Round 1 done. As my mother says its time to CRACK ON!

Until we meet again

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