Hello again,
I have the most thrilling news. I am officially an ambassador for Speedo international. I have been hoping for this new partnership and it didn’t dissapoint.
Here is one of the press releases curtesy of swim swam:

Alia Atkinson Rolls Impressive Grand Prix Weekend Into Speedo Sponsorship

Alot of you may not know this, but due to circumstances out of my control I arrived in London at the 2012 Olympics with no tech suit.  So, where as others have 5-6 I was participating in two days with no suit. Yes, I take full responsibly and trust me, it never happened again, but a learning experience can come in all shapes and forms, and range from small to catastrophic.  Luckily for me across  from the Olympic villiage where we stayed was a gigantic mall. Would lady luck be on my side…? To my sheer happiness there was 1 swimwear shop, 1 and it was Speedo. Forget lady luck, because fate was intervening now. My coach, mother and I scrounged up all the money we had to pay for a suit so I could compete. What I felt after was beyond relief. I would go on to make it to semifinals and fight in  a “swim off” for 8th place into the finals. I then ended my 2012, 100m breaststroke Olympic final debut, placing 4th and missing an Olympic bronze and Jamaica swimmings’ first Olympic medal by less than half a second.
Now with the help of Speedo, I  feel as if I have been rewarded for my, nay our, constant stuggles. They will be many more in the future but now atleast I know my swim suits and gears are covered for by Speedo. Such a big relief!


I am extremely happy and ready to show Speedo they made a great choice.

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Special thanks to swim swam news

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