“We all have a plan, until we get HIT!” –Mike Tyson

With that being said, should we even bother to get up, should we even bother to plan or expect, more importantly, should we even bother to try? For years we have been training, expecting, failing, trying again, usually a little harder than before, and expecting even more than before, but nonetheless falling short just the same. What are we to do? How are we to get up and try again, without it turning into a monotonous routine; where expectation is minuet and failing is a welcomed opportunity?

There was a cyclist, we will name him T. T began training and for years envisioned his goal, the exclusive gold medal. Year of training, years of dedication all for this one day. T began his race, took the lead and held it; he was not going to lose this race. Ten feet to the finish line, T rounded the corner, slid and fell to the ground, his chance to get the gold falling with him. He then watched as the crowd looked at him in shock, as the other competitors passed him for the medal spots.

A young woman, R, always had a plan for her life. Become a doctor, get the house, the man and have her kids, but as she got older, the plan fell apart. She was on the verge of divorce, no kids, house was empty and alone and she didn’t want to practice medicine anymore.

Y, a young man who always wanted to fly the big international airlines, was stopped just short, because he was colour blind.

What do they do then? What do you do when life is telling you no, and your head is still telling you yes.

T, R, and Y can only do one thing, because at the end of the hurdle, did they only come this far, to ONLY reach this far? Accepting to go on, and making an effort to get up and try again, is not just what makes us different; it’s what makes the difference. No matter the obstacle, no matter the outcome, there is another way to reach your goal, because if you stop now, you would never know if the finish line was a mile away or 10 feet away.

T, got back on his bike and started working towards another competition. R, found a job she enjoyed and is slowly working out a new plan and Y, had to lower his expectations because he can still fly airplanes, just not the one he dreamt about.

So take the hit, welcome the hit, but when that happens find another way to achieve your goals.

So when your plan goes array, and you get a HIT, what will you do?


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