I’m here sitting on the plane coming back from Doha,  Qatar, listening to the ending song ‘Shellshock’ on the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie ( good movie by the way) and I feel rejuvenated.  Never before had
I finished a meet and feel ready to get back in the water.


All my life I had my hope based in  dreams, while my determination was in always thinking I can do more. My saving grace, however, is my perseverance;  through good and the bad, I push foward.


The best things in life we have to fight for, because they’re the only things in life that gives us the energy,  the passion and the determination to continue moving on, even if it is only on a mere possibility or hope.
I’ve had years, even decades of thinking what it would be like to be at the top. To finally believe what people have been telling me for years.  To actually  have my hopes and dreams follow through into reality.


That’s why this world title, world record and this win was so remarkable! It meant that finally the dice rolled in my favor. Finally I can show the world, what my family,  coach and myself knew…that I was capable of becoming a champion. I reached for the moon and landed amongst the stars.

Whether it was hard work, inevitability, or just plain ole good luck, this is a once in a lifetime breakthrough and I will never forget it.
I have to thank God, Adi, the universe, whoever answered the call I’ve been sending out everytime I jump into a cold, still pool.

Until we meet again


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