World cup circuit is back again. This year we started with Doha and Dubai since Worlds short course championship will be held in Doha, Qatar at the end of the year. This year I had a great surprise waiting for me. I walked into the hotel in Doha and I see a huge poster of myself.  They decided to use my picture to advertise the meet. I was so shocked and honoured.


Some of the swimmers said these posters were everywhere. At the pool, in the mall,  on the streets.  It was so exciting.
The meet went well and the trip to Dubai was easy and relaxing since it was a 50min flight and they served us a full meal. Got to love Emirates ( except when they bumped me off the flight back home) but I digress. When I did leave, I left with fond memories, great experiences and tons of posters of my face.


Until we meet again.

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